Seminar during the Netherlands Film Festival 2012

On October 4 2012, organized it’s very first mayor event.


As part of the official program of the Netherlands Film festival in the city of Utrecht, a seminar was held with the central theme of underlining the importance of film as an image recording medium and preserving the accompanying craft and workflow. Treasurer Danny van Deventer hosted the occasion. After welcoming the guests, he outlined the aim of the foundation and introduced the guest speaker, DoP Ellen Lotman from Estonia. She addressed those gathered with an urgent -, yet very positive message to defend film and illustrated clearly the grave consequences of the possible loss of diversity through inaction.


Following the inspiring speech by Ellen Lotman, Danny introduced the audience to the next part of the program, being a panel discussion led by Kaat DeJonghe. What followed was an hour long lively conversation about celluloid film, featuring a variety of topics being discussed by a respectable line-up of industry professionals. All members of the panel clearly succeeded in formulating why film remains a desirable image recording medium, with a permanent roll to play and why free choice in this respect should be granted to the DoP and their creative colleagues. Kaat DeJonghe did a wonderful job moderating the conversation, concentrating all minds present on the aesthetic -, the technical – as well as the business perspective of the story and leaving the audience to conclude unanimously that free choice is critical, as is speaking up on the subject.


The event was shot on Super-16 film, using a multiple camera set-up, operated entirely by recent graduates from the Amsterdam Film Academy. The resulting film is scheduled for release by in 2013. wishes to express gratitude to all those who made this event possible.

Special thanks to;
Anita Smit, Gaby de Haan, Daan de Boer, Lux & Co. Cinemeta, Editpoint, Camera Rentals, Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie, Het Licht and Singelfilm.