Project FILM! completed

Spring 2014: proudly announces the completion of our seminar film recorded at the Netherlands Film Festival 2012. Project FILM! documents the full-length dialogue of a panel discussion organized by at the seminar. Guided by a professional moderator, a line-up of industry professionals from diverse fields, discuss the positive value of originating on film, the importance of preserving the accompanying craft and workflow and the need for creative choice with respect to image-recording medium. The resulting conversation is informative - and accessible, both to professionals and the general public alike. FILM! is a unique - and thought-provoking project, documenting passion and reason at a critical moment in motion-picture history. wishes to express sincere gratitude to all individuals, companies and institutions that so generously participated in this project. Without your gracious contribution, we would never have succeeded in producing this important document.

FILM! is available in DCP, Blu-ray and USB.