By Remko Schnorr

When it comes to image creation technique, these days there is potential for great discrepancy between what is preferred by the Director of Photography and that which is virtually imposed by commercial considerations. There is this idea that digital image capture is the one – and only option going forward.

Like with the arrival of any new technique in the arts, digital image capture with all its potential should add choice and widen the existing creative options in respectful addition to that which is already there. Leaving it up to the responsible artist to make an informed decision. Fact is that currently most commercial forces actively limit our free choice by virtually obliterating the idea that shooting film still is a viable choice. Limiting choice however, is by definition never in the interest of the creating artist in particular -, nor to any art form as a whole.

Film is with us already for more than 100 years. It's characteristics and pure quality celebrated every day. So why not let the DOP decide. He or she knows the available palette instinctively and is placed well – better than anyone else – to recommend the best choice with respect to image creation technique for any given production. For the DOP to remain a director of anything; he or she should therefore be able to retain personal choice that includes the option of shooting on film. In my opinion all parties active in this industry – from the major manufacturers, all the way to our nearest dear colleagues - should do well to actively honor the profession of DOP by observing this reasonable notion respectfully.

35mm film has a quality so rich that it virtually exceeds the definition capacity of the human eye. Digital image capture is most welcome to expand creative – and technical options, but we don't exactly need it for an improvement in picture quality.
Given the undiminished enthusiasm for shooting on film – especially with the young generation – Filmfoundation.info is calling for a respectful, balanced approach as an alternative to the situation that is developing at the moment.

We stress the need for free choice.

Kind regards,

Remko Schnorr,
Cinematographer / Technical Advisor to Filmfoundation.info