The founding members in the board of Filmfoundation.info are motivated to act in the light of rapidly changing times, which unfortunately – through the arrival of digital image capture, as well as for budgetary considerations - tend to both limit – as well as stipulate, the choice of image creation technique and format to the DoP and other creatives.

We believe that digital image capturing techniques should expand the creative palette, but not as it stands – threaten to come in at the complete expense of the future of analogue cinematography.

Digital image capturing technique – as seen in the immense commercial effort – can take care of promoting itself.

The voice of analogue cinematography on the other hand, must not be allowed to drown.

Please join our growing list of supporters.

Filmfoundation.info will be your confident partner in defining to the industry, the unique – and timeless values, solely to be found in the practice of analogue cinematography and the importance therefore of lasting continuity.

Filmfoundation.info is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.