Our paramount goal is universal acceptance of the reasonable notion that the cinematographer – in collaboration with other members of the creative team – should be granted choice and final decision with respect to image acquisition technique and recording format.

We whole-heartedly promote the practice of analogue cinematography and wish to express our support to the entire industry effort and workflow facilitating this art form.

We value the use of celluloid film as a medium of image origination, not just with respect to high quality, ergonomics and archival properties, but also for the distinctive educational – and proven motivational benefits analogue film technique brings to each discipline involved.


In the interest of diversity we welcome image capturing technologies other than film as an important addition to the cinematographer's palette and we advocate that these should explicitly be allowed to expand the existing choice, rather than be made blanket substitute for analogue film, whatever the reason.

Filmfoundation.info strives to achieve its stated aim through global bonding of (professional) individuals and creative partnerships, publicity, information sharing, education and lobbying.